Blue Collar Hard Hat Sticker Packs

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Bundle: 25PCS

🛠️ Gear up for a dose of on-the-job humor with our set of 25, 50, 100, or 150 Hard Hat Stickers – the ultimate toolkit for blue-collar enthusiasts! Crafted from heavy-duty waterproof PVC, these stickers are more than just adhesive wonders; they're a burst of grit and personality for the hardworking folks on the job.

🛠️ Dive into the world of superior vinyl PVC, built tough to withstand both the elements and the hustle of the trade. Stick 'em proudly on your hard hat, toolbox, lunchbox, work truck, or any other rugged surface that echoes your blue-collar spirit. From construction sites to workshops, these stickers are your badge of honor.

🛠️ Easy application, no-nonsense style! Sized between 5-8cm (2-3.5 inches), just grab your stickers, prep the surface, peel off the paper, and let the customization begin. These stickers thrive on smooth surfaces, so slap them proudly on your hard hat, tool chest, or toolbox – the true canvas of a blue-collar legend.

🛠️ Brace yourself for the ultimate surprise gift that resonates with the hardworking spirit! Our graffiti decal assortment is not just a present; it's a tribute to the sweat and grit of blue-collar life. What's more, the 50, 100 or 150 stickers are completely random, featuring inside jokes and symbols from different trades. It's a diverse collection that captures the essence of various professions. Get ready for laughs, nods of approval, and camaraderie as your fellow workers unveil the coolest set of 50 stickers on the job!

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